Data Info ITB 2014

Each year Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) releases facts and figures about various achievements and developments to the general public. Facts and figures, which we call “Data Info ITB” were published in the form of booklet.

This annual publication usually coincide with the anniversary of ITB. Starting this year, in addition to the booklet we also presented the Data Info in the form of infographics.

This is done in the hope to draw more attention, especially from the campus community to examine what is presented and give some feedback.

We just don’t want this publication is only read at a glance and then stored with no impact whatsoever.

Data Info ITB 2014 Bag 1:
– Pendidikan
– Beasiswa
– Anggaran Biaya dan Sumber Dana
– Penelitian dan Kemitraan
– Dosen dan Non Dosen
Data Info ITB 2014 Bag 2:
– Lokasi Wireless Network
– Perkembangan Bandwidth dan Pengguna Internet
– Akreditasi

The Data Info was designed using Inkscape and several other tools including spreadsheets and its chart creator.

I would like to thank my collaborators/colleague Pelita Fajarhati for providing well prepared data and Aris Triyanto for editing the maps.


Web ITB:
Infografis ITB:

The following is gallery/slideshow of the printed Data Info.


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